Customer Testimonials

Playing Dead, a very hard book to read, but for those who have dealt with sexual abuse it can be life changing. Annette shows how God can redeem these situations for His glory and how even years after the abuse, He will continue to bring the darkness into the light of truth at a time when the abused individual is able to deal with it. This is done in God’s love so that she can heal completely and have an amazing, intimate relationship with Him.”

“A powerful story of redemption, healing, restoration and growth. Annette’s journey of healing from sexual abuse and cutting begins with and continues with the Lord and His love, faithfulness and compassion. She does not give trite, easy answers but shares with the reader her struggles, fears, hardships as well as her growing and healing. It is an excellent book for those struggling with abuse; there is hope, healing and forgiveness in the power of the Lord. For those of us who minister, it is a tool that we need to read and pass on to those who struggle.”

judith-profile“Annette helped me understand that that being a hero is hard work. To never underestimate the importance of protecting grandchildren and that it may cause the loss of family relationships: I am grieving the loss of ‘family’ as I have known it to be. But I have to have faith in Christ… to heal the brokenness.”